About Us

Earning and maintaining your trust is our top priority.


 Richard McHale joined JP McHale Pest Management, Inc. and entered into the urban pest management business shortly after graduating from Wilkes University with a degree in Environmental Sciences in 1993. In addition to helping homeowners solve pest problems, Richard began to assist homeowners in protecting their health and home by offering services dealing with air quality issues and environmental cleaning. He launched the EnviroCare LLC division to offer environmental cleaning services. Today, JP McHale Pest Management and Envirocare LLC are well-know names within our service community. We provide innovative solutions, anchored by family values, in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.


Our Mission

To provide a unique blend of consistency, quality, and effective needs-based service programs. It is all about delivering innovative solutions, an immediate response, on-time appointments, being responsible stewards of this great earth, and most of all cultivating HAPPY CLIENTS who will tell all their friends about us!

Our Pledge To You!

* We will provide only fully-screened, company trained and certified experts to analyze and design innovative solutions.
* We promise to provide you with peace of mind by having the most qualified employees who are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau and easily identified by corporate identification on all of our vehicles and clothing.
* We will conduct a needs analysis and design solutions based on your specific home or business and environmental, and budgetary requirements.
* We will use only materials that are eco-friendly, and will be especially vigilant about clients with special allergies.
* We will respect your needs based on schedule, flexibility and application. We will go the extra mile to insure you don't just see value but feel valued!
* Our staff will always be polite, courteous, accommodating and helpful. We will respond to inquiries quickly.
We aim to reply to letters, emails and customer comments within three working days. Your constructive feedback is very important and truly appreciated.