Encapsulation System

Crawl Space Encapsulation


CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System. Because the soil naturally has a very high humidity, a dirt crawl space under a house can be the source of a number indoor air health issues. Water vapor moves easily into the crawl space and then is pulled upwards into your living space creating a damp, unhealthy and potentially damaging environment. Mold will thrive and reproduce and insects and rodents will nest in damp environments. Rot and decay from dampness can lead to structural damage. These resultant mold spores, odors, humidity, and insects can contribute to a very unhealthy indoor living environment. All of these factors come from your crawl space. Dirt crawl spaces do not have to be wet or flooded to be unhealthy. In addition, heating and cooling systems located in vented crawl spaces run more inefficiently, resulting in higher energy bills.


The CrawlSpace Encapsulation Program. Our trained installers remove wood and other debris from your crawl space. We then close up gaps and holes to exclude rodent activity, remove and replace old, damp or infested insulation. A CleanSpace liner is then carefully cut and inserted to isolate the earth from your home. The liner is completely sealed over the floor and brought up the walls to create a bright, clean, attractive environment. To prevent further moisture from entering the crawl space, vent covers are installed to save energy costs and facilitate a healthy home.