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Mold Removal & Restoration

Mold can cause a variety of problems for your family and property. It is imperative that the Mitigation process begins as soon as possible ( within 48 hours) to prevent the mold from spreading and causing further damage and health issues.


Mold is caused by water damage and excess moisture. The look is unsightly when present in your home or business decreasing ones real-estate value. Even if the mold is not visible it can be detected with a musty odor from inside the walls, ceilings or air duct system


The first step to removing mold is to dry out the infected area and correct the source that initiated the problem. Mold can be scrubbed off hard surfaces but ceiling tiles, flooring and dry wall may have to be discarded. Rooms that are subject to high humidity or water exposure regularly such as a bathroom should be well ventilated and cleaned often to prevent the mold from returning.


Mold removal is not a do-it-yourself job and requires specific knowledge and equipment so cross contaminating clean areas of the home or work place do not occur. Millions of spores can be found on a 1 inch square surface and when disturbed will release into the air, taking days for them to resettle in other parts of the structure or even inside you air duct system. Special air scrubbers with hepa filters are needed along with a custom plan to create a negative air chamber in the areas being mitigated, distributing all disturbed spores outside the structure. Envirocare’s certified mold experts perform a FREE visual walk through to diagnose the problem and customize a plan to not only remove the spores but to prevent the situation from reoccurring. Envirocare complete service will restore your home and business to the condition it was in prior to remediation. We will treat your home like it was our own…Guaranteed!


All houses have mold.  Testing may be warranted to determine whether levels are elevated. Envirocare recommends 3rd party testing companies to perform a more detailed evaluation. Mitigating companies that perform their own testing represents an unethical practice as it’s a conflict of interest to do both. One is better protected by having separate companies do the testing and the remediation leaving the home owner with a piece of mind that the job was done RIGHT!


What is mildew? Is it different from mold? Mildew only grows on plants outdoors. The term mildew is often use by non-mold experts when they see mold around windows & bathrooms.


How long does it take mold to grow? Mold can grow in 24 to 48 hours if temperature,moisture and a favorable food source such as drywall, wood and insulation support microbial growth.


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