Puff-Back Restoration

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A puff back is when a furnace backfires (much like a car) and sends soot throughout your home. It requires expensive cleaning and restoration in addition to repairs on your heating system. While rare, the consequences are severe enough to learn what a puff back is and how you might prevent it.

A puff back can happen when an oil burner doesn’t ignite immediately and vapors build up before the ignition, resulting in a backfire. Buildup of debris can also be a catalyst for an explosion at ignition. In either case, the explosion can send soot and debris through the furnace and/or boiler system and into your home. Forced air systems will likely be worse as the heating ducts can spread the soot into every corner of your home, with the same efficiency that they spread heat. Base board or radiant heat will admit soot from the heated pipes usually only noticeable about 2 feet above the floor. A puff back can be a chronic problem, with each ignition sending forth a small amount of soot that slowly accumulates on ceilings, carpets, or baseboards, or it can be a single sudden event that sends a large amount of soot through the heating system.

Fixing your problem that caused the “puff back” can be anywhere from $15- $1000. We work closely with several Heating and Air Conditioning contractors so we can refer you quality companies to fix the problem. Once fixed, EAQR LLC, will properly clean and sanitize the affected areas. We will work with your insurance carrier and can mobilize and set up within 24 hours of your call.