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Water damage and mold is serious business and not something you should tackle alone; if you have been hit by flooding then it is time to call Envirocare, your local certified Restoration Specialist. We will respond to your emergency calls around the clock. The more time you procrastinate and allow the water to sit, the more severe the damage will be. You run the risk of harmful bacteria and damaging your furnishings and possessions very fast. So, don’t delay! Call us now!


Envirocare water damage professionals will come to your rescue, and start the cleanup process immediately; there may be no point trying to use pails to take the water out yourself, you will be losing a long and tired battle if you try. Flood water in your home may have been caused by a natural disaster or perhaps by a burst pipe, but whichever the cause of your water damage may be, you need assistance by a trained professional right away.


We take action right away by clearing out the area and extracting water from your property as quickly as possible. Envirocare’s water damage crew will place its industrial dehumidifying machines throughout the area for optimal performance. The longer water is allowed to sit stagnant in your home, the worse the outcome will be, so never delay in calling in your us today; we can help you with all aspects of the cleanup from salvaging your belongings to finding you temporary accommodation and arranging finance to cover the bill in case you are not insured.


Here’s what you can expect from us. Our trained specialists will talk you through the whole process of the operation and how to deal with damaged furnishings and belongings. They will also explain why it may be dangerous to inhabit your home until it is clean and dry.


The cleanup operation for your home will start with the removal of all excess flood waters before all the walls and floors are allowed to dry out thoroughly. At this point our water restoration specialist will survey the damage and assess whether any construction work will need to be carried out in order to make your property safe.


When you are hit by unexpected flood waters in your home, it is a harrowing time and one filled with fear and panic. Envirocare’s staff is specially trained to deal with these types of circumstances every day and they will help you every step of the way to restoring your home to its former glory. So, if you have been hit by flood or water damage in your home or business, forget your buckets and rubber boots and call Envirocare's water restoration specialist today.