Roof Cleaning

We can restore your roof to its original beauty.


Envirocare uses state-of-the-art Low Volume, Low Pressure (LVLP) roof cleaning systems to clean, brighten and restore your roof to its original beauty. The process uses cleaning products that are environmentally safe, non-toxic and bio-degradable that gets the job done without harming your roof. We do not use high pressure systems or bleaching agents which can damage and shorten the life span of your roof. In addition, this process retards the regrowth of mold and mildew, prolonging the life of your roof and enhancing the beauty of your home.



Low Volume, Low Pressure won't damage your roof.
Safe for use around children, pets and plants.
Cleans and restores your roof to its original beauty.
Retards the regrowth of mold, algae and fungus.
No rusting of metal gutters.
Will not leave drip marks on your home.


Disadvantages of traditional HIGH PRESSURE washing with Bleach/Chlorine

High pressure can damage roof.
Damages or kills plants, unsafe for use around children and pets.
Bleach can fade the color of the roof and only bleaches the dirt.
Environmentally UNSAFE.
Does NOT retard the regrowth of mold, algae and fungus.
Metal gutters around the house will start rusting.
Will leave drip marks.

Let us restore and maintain your investment. Contact us today to find out more information about why Envirocare ROOFCARE ROOFCARE is the right choice.